Saturday, February 18, 2012

Farm Adventures

Back in the fall I noticed in the church bulletin a note for a knitting club. "Sweet!" was my first and only thought. I had been missing my knitting club back in Connecticut and was overjoyed to find a local group to get to know. So I ventured out on a Monday night to the local Panera where I was introduced to a group of very lovely women. One such lovely woman is Laura.

Its now been several months since we've knit together and have become good friend. Today, I got to go to Laura's house and watch her three sheep get sheared and then help clean the wool. Of course I brought along my camera. Here are a few shots from the day.

This is Ivy, she was spared any shearing trauma today since she's a goat :)

A before and after. On the left is Elizabeth, on the right is Etta.

A significantly smaller Elizabeth.

 And now for some of what I like to call sheep yoga...

 This is Elizabeth's fleece after we got it inside and skirted. She had the best crimp which we knew was important but had to do a little google-ing to find out why. It has to do with the elasticity of the wool.

 Not only does Laura raise super cute sheep she also dyes beautiful yarn

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  1. Great shots Mary! especially sheep yoga :)
    I hope we get to see some of the beautiful dyed wool ;)~ Mom