Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Trip to the Mountians

"It's a vacation!"
"Well it's only 4 days..."
"It's a mini-break!"
"Yes, its a mini break."

That was the conversation between my husband and I a few weeks ago when he decided to turn a quick trip to South Carolina for a sweet friend's wedding into a long weekend in the mountains. (Being able to interject British-isms into my everyday life makes me very happy)

So we left on Saturday and made it to Spartanburg to see a friend of mine from high-school get married. It was also a chance to see my very best friend and her husband since she was in the wedding. The bride was beautiful and they were so in love. It was a great evening!

That last one I like to call "Cotton Eyed Joe" :)

After the wedding we headed to our cabin in Pigeon Forge. The best part was that my best friend and her husband followed us and spent the night. The fellowship is always sweet with these dear friends and our Sunday together was no different. Here are some pictures of the view from our cabin. 

While enjoying all the tourist options in the area we made a stop at the aquarium. Always a favorite place to play with my camera I found some interesting subjects. Very well done aquarium. A must see for anyone going to Gatlinburg.

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  1. Pigeon Forge is practically in my hometown's backyard! It's beautiful, huh? Makes me homesick for the hug of those mountains. :)