Wednesday, December 28, 2011

That Girl...

Have you ever driven by a scenic but not tourist friendly area and ached to pull the car over and marvel at creation and maybe take a photo or two? Well...I do...ALL.THE.TIME. And today I got over the social norms that tell me not to be so conspicuous and pulled over to take pictures of God glory in the form of water overflowing on a limestone rock face. I was finally that girl, who does that pulling over thing and let myself marvel through my camera lens at the work of the Creator.

I can't publish this post in good conscious without this fact. This waterfall was what made me okay with moving to Kentucky. This waterfall tugged on my heart in a way that I could not deny, and showed me that God is everywhere and in everything. I first stumbled on this sight back in April of 2009, my first trip here...looking for a change. I saw it again last March and was reminded that I did fall in love with this part of the world once and I could again. When I drove by today I was reminded of God's promise to see His purposes through to completion.

This waterfall always gives to my spirit and never asks in return. Today was the most active I've ever seen it and I rejoice at how full, like the waterfall, my life has become. Kentucky is my home now.

Hands to Work, Hearts to God

I grew up with Old Sturbridge Village and all its wonderful old world charm, so its no surprise that after I moved to Kentucky I was on the look out for something to fill the void. I found Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. I've been a handful of time in the past year and love taking pictures there. Everything from animals to artifacts offers itself as subjects to the creative eye. And on this trip I found a few surprises.
I suppose it was God's way of reminding me to recognize the details and not overlook the small wonders He puts in my way.

Now that the official calendar Christmas season has ended the refrain "Let heaven and nature sing" is fresh in my head. While walking around the village I had a special eye out for nature singing. I personally enjoyed watching a giant highland cow soak up the late December sun on a cold afternoon.

Now, I've taken the guided tour of the Center Family House at the village enough times to be well aware that the theology of the Shakers was more than a hair off gospel, but there is one part that was bang on, "Hands to Work, Hearts to God". They meant, your work is your worship...doing everything as onto the Lord. Just walking through the buildings you can see how much this group of people believed that and saturated their life with organized and purposeful beauty. A stair well, wooden pegs, a gate...all for the gory of God.

Honesty--Straight Up

So....I open the door to this long ignored mess of a closet that I haven't really known what to do with for the past 9 months, and all I can do it sit on the floor and stare with a big sigh.  Have you ever done that? Known you really should get going on a task, but just sit there and stare at it imagining what a wonderful world it would be if it just finished itself. When I started this blog I wanted a place to put my pictures and to do something a little creative with them. I had a pile of ideas and a love for the Anne books that I assumed would be a never ending well of inspiration. But I soon realized that my pile of good ideas was smaller that I hoped. And then my computer moved to an assisted living facility with little hope of recovery. And I was getting increasingly frustrated with my camera and its lack of "big-girl"ness.

Now, about a year after its birth I have a plan. I've decided it is enough of a creative outlet to just take the pictures. I will post them as I take them and let you decide if they are pretty or not.

Oh and I got a big-girl they should be at least a little bit pretty. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Being a Kid

“…my father always said that no child should be cooped up in the four walls of a school until it was seven years old.” Anne of Avonlea

This picture came from a summer I spent with three wonderfully imaginative children. Most of that summer was spent outside. Although these children were still a few years away from the modern school age, my memories with them and all the other children that have passed through my life makes the idea of preserving childhood all the more poignant. I guess all that can be said is that if a child can't stay home, I'm happy to know that as an educator I can make their childhood spent in the classroom as fun, rich and memorable as possible.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Only pretending

“Anne Shirley, you’re only pretending to be grown-up. I believe when you’re alone you’re as much a little girl as you ever were.” Anne of Avonlea

When I'm alone this is what I do. I play pretend with myself. I go to old places that have seen older times and I take pictures in an attempt to soak in the details of a former life. I try to become that time and that place.I go into the Knight Store at Old Sturbridge Village and pick out the cloth for my new dress and ribbons to match for my bonnet. And for those who have known me since girlhood know that nothing has changed. 
When I was young, to play was to play dress up...and I didn't even need a playmate. Stories of Ancient Greek maidens, Jane Austen heroins and Shakespearean beauties swirled in my head until they became my reality for the moment. My old pillowcase full of old bedsheets and tablecloths became silk gowns and heavy velvet cloaks. Do you want to know a secret? If it were sociably acceptable for me to still play pretend to this extent I would. I would find a field and some old sheets and create a world of historic romance and adventure.

What this all comes down to is....I'm a history nerd with an imagination who never grew up. And to be quite honest, I'm proud of that.

Friday, March 25, 2011

When I grow up...

“’What a nice month this November has been!’ said Anne who had never quite got over her childish way of speaking to herself. ‘November is usually such a disagreeable month…as if the year had suddenly found out that she was growing old and could do nothing but weep and fret over it. This year is growing old gracefully…just like a stately old lady who knows she can be charming even with gray hair and wrinkles.” Anne of Avonlea

When I grow up I hope to be just as fun, charming and beautiful as my Nannan. I want to be a stately November.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Good Kind of Math

"Yesterday I was trying to teach Lottie Wright to do addition. I said, 'If you have three candies in one hand and two in the other, how many would you have altogether?' 'A mouthful' said Lottie." Anne of Avonlea

Who is this Lottie Wright and why isn't she my friend?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bosom Friends

“‘Will you swear to be my friend forever and ever?’ demanded Anne eagerly.
Diana looked shocked
‘Why, isn’t it dreadfully wicked to swear,’ She said rebukingly
‘Oh no, not my kind of swearing. There are two kinds, you know.’
‘I never heard of but one kind,’ said Diana doubtfully
‘There really is another. Oh it isn’t wicked at all. It just means vowing and promising solemnly.’
‘Well I don’t mind doing that,’ agreed Diana, relieved. ‘How do you do it?’
‘We must join hands-so’ said Anne gravely. ‘It ought to be over running water. We’ll just imagine this path is running water. I’ll repeat the oath first. I solemnly swear to be faithful to my bosom friend, Diana Barry, as long as the sun and the moon shall endure. Now you say it and put my name in.’
Diana repeated the ‘oath’ with a laugh fore and ‘aft. Then she said:
‘You’re a queer girl, Anne. I heard before that you were queer. But I believe I’m going to like you real well.’”
Anne of Green Gables

 I will love these girls for as long as the sun and the moon shall endure. They are my best friends. I don't remember our first play date, but that probably because it was 20 years ago. We have endured so many things together--seriously, you name it chances are we've done it or helped each other through it. I took this picture the night I found out I was going to be an aunt. I chose this picture for two reasons. First is that I think its the only one of these girls that I have taken (as per the ground rules of the blog), and more importantly because that night was an iconic night of solidarity for us. I love you with all my heart ladies!

Monday, February 21, 2011


“Its lovely to be going home and to know its home” Anne of Green Gables


A pet picture...I know right, the LAST thing you'd expect from me. But she just looked so cozy on top of the couch that I couldn't resist. This is was home is like. Cozy, peaceful, safe, just generally comfortable. Home is on the couch with a cat to keep your feet warm...that is when she's not sleeping on top of the couch.

The ultimate in cozy. My yet again amazing grandmother comes into this blog. She made this Irish Knit afghan for me and my husband as a wedding shower gift. It moves from bed to couch and back to bed. Home is under a blanket made with love.

The home fires burning....this is the closest we have to a fireplace for now, which I love as a symbol for home. Home is a gathering place, a safe place and a nurturing place...fireplaces seem to provide the perfect atmosphere for home. Home is light and warmth...and cinnamon scented soy candles.